Work Experience

Freelance Copywriter and Proofreader, ​2010 – present

I’ve written copy on a broad range of subjects, been published in medical journals and online, and proofread all sorts: from business reports to medical papers to ice cream websites. I’m meticulous about deadlines and grammar. No, really. To the point of being mildly OCD.

Blogger, ​2007 – present

I have been blogging personally (intermittently) since 2007. Since 2014, I’ve written regular blogs for African Budget Safaris and other safari websites. In 2013/4, I did a series of blogs on craft beer for the landnsand website. These can still be found on my personal blog. I’ve also been doing blogs for What’s On In Cape Town, on a wide range of activities including food, music, theatre, exhibitions and more.

Traveller, 1975 – present

My parents always took the back road, if there was one, instilling in my sister and I a sense of adventure and a love of seeing new places, meeting people, and exploring. I have never lost my lust for travel.​ I now write about travelling, with a slant toward accessibility.

Guesthouse Website Expert, 2016 – present

Yes, you read that correctly: Guesthouse. Website. Expert.

Having just done a 6-month trip around South Africa’s clinics in 2016, travelling through seven provinces, sleeping 60 nights away from home (each night in a different place), flying 12 992 km and driving 9 950 km, mostly on back roads, I have become a Guesthouse Website Expert.

I have seen over 800 websites of hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs, resorts, lodges and game farms while finding places to stay in 60 different South African towns. I can now tell you exactly what you need (and don’t need!) on an accommodation website, in order to attract guests.

In fact, what I’m offering is to come to you, stay a few days, take the pictures, hear the stories, explore the area, write the copy (informative, enticing, interesting) and oversee the making of an effective and user-friendly website.

Information Pharmacist, 1998 – present

I have worked at the Medicines Information Centre, based at UCT, since 1998 (full-time, until October 2016, now remotely, one day a week). My work involved answering drug-related queries (telephonic, e-mail) from health professionals and being closely involved with the National HIV & TB Hotline for Healthcare Workers. The travelling and visiting clinics was to disseminate information about the hotline, and I was responsible for everything – from budgeting to booking, presentations to reporting back.

Through the years, I have been involved in the writing and editing of numerous in-house, medico-centric, publications and published scientific papers.


Rhodes University:
​1993 – 1996: Bachelor of Pharmacy

Writing/Web Courses:
2014: Get Smarter Social Media
2014: UCT Web CMS
2011: Get Smarter Creative Writing
2008: SA Writer’s College Magazine Writing
2006: UNISA Creative Writing: Introduction and Prose