I Write. I Proofread. I travel. I blog. I Facebook. I eavesdrop. I write stories. Some are real, others not. I do it all in a wheelchair. I am passionate about travelling and not being limited by my wheelchair. I hope to make travel easier for those in wheelchairs, by trying places and writing about them in detail.


I’m a 40-ahem-year old woman and have been living in Cape Town for the past 20 years. In 1996, after I finished my degree in Pharmacy, I had a car accident that left me quadriplegic.  From 1997 to 2016, I was  a full-time information pharmacist (mainly in the field of HIV).

For the past six years I have been doing copywriting and proofreading after hours. I have now swapped roles and gone into writing full-time, with a little information pharmacy on the side, to keep my hand in.

I was born and bred in various small and dusty gold mining towns in the Free State and North West before heading to the Eastern Cape (which holds my heart) for ‘varsity. Small towns and dust roads have a magnetic pull on me.

After travelling for six months last year across SA visiting clinics for a project for the National HIV & TB Hotline, the Travel Bug hit big time and I realised the need for blogs on accessible travel: Ones with lots of detail, lots of images, and a personal angle.

We stayed at 60 different places, I trawled over 800 websites of hotels, guesthouses, B&Bs, resorts, lodges and game farms, and I can now tell you exactly what you need (and don’t need!) on an accommodation website, in order to attract guests and get bookings in. But also what’s needed accessibility-wise. And what you need to say/include, even if you’re not completely wheelchair-friendly.

Mostly, I realised that an honest blog reviewing the pro’s and con’s of places, in order to allow wheelchair users to know exactly what to expect, is completely absent in the African travel sphere. And it’s a huge gap in a lucrative travel market.

I have written on a broad range of subjects: from safari websites to travel blogs; copy for pharmaceutical package inserts to craft beers; internet dating to bag-piping; and more. My proofreading experience encompasses business reports, scientific papers and proofreading/user-testing various websites.

I’m not afraid of a challenge.




Honest Accessibility Blogging
Website Appraisal, Overhaul & Creation
Eating, Drinking & Being Merry


Previous Projects

Accessible Travel

I write about travelling in a wheelchair, giving honest (and upbeat) accounts of where is easily accessible and where not.

Travelling & Safari

Eating, Drinking, Watching & Being Merry

I’m up for anything … and then I write about it. Here are some links to previous writings on:


Guesthouse Websites

We come and stay, put together the copy, take the pictures and either develop the website (if WordPress-based) or oversee the development of the website – either overhauling your old one, or creating a bright and shiny new one. Like we did for Daisy Darling, in Darling. Here’s the ‘before’, clink on the link to get the ‘after’:


Navel-gazing & Travelling:

Navelgazer 101: Where I wax lyrical about life, people I meet, food I eat,  places I go and stories I hear. And I write about travelling in southern Africa as a person in a wheelchair.

Karoo Living:

Karoo Dreaming: When I spent seven blissful weeks living in Nieu Bethesda



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